The L.A. Froggers

The manager travels around the world to draft species of frogs whose skills are naturally specialised for infield, outfield, pitching and batting

This is the team roster so far

1 lolu 1.jpg
1 lolu 2.jpg

no. 1 - Lolu

A relaxed frog from the islands of Hawaii. His loose muscles and relaxed attitude make him an ace pitcher. He is currently developing two different pitching styles.

Learn more about him in the upcoming comic series.


no. 14 - Dunny

One of the biggest frogs out there. Failing to pass the tryouts due to her sinking in the lake, she came back with her two float-helpers. Her ability to think outside the box make her a great catcher.

Learn more about her in the upcomic comic series.

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14 dunny 1.jpg
5 tooantuh.jpg

no. 5 - Tooantuh

One of the most poisonous frogs. Having survived being used as dart poison in North america, he wanted to change the way the frog world perceives him. Surprised he caught the attention of the manager, he joined the team as a pitcher. He and his trusty glove can throw curveballs, fastballs and sliders like no other.

Learn more about him in the upcoming comic series.


no. 9 - Ruth

Drafted for his great reach, Ruth is a natural first baseman. It is to no surprise that he never removed his foot from the base. He is a ferocious batter and the only frog in the history of frog baseball to not need a helmet, due to his naturally spiky head.

Learn more about him in the upcoming comic series.

no.29 - Blue

Mysteriously known as 'Blue', this frog made his own way to the team. His quick reflexes and his strong core make him the best shortstop there is. He is known for releasing the ball before being fully underwater.

no. 30 - Speck

Do not be fooled by his small size, Speck is an ace pitcher. His ability to throw with his tongue makes him an excellent starting pitcher. Once his right arm is fatigued from pitching, he can switch to using his tongue.

no. 11 - Shovel

The first burrowing frog to be recruited. His skills are only used when the ball goes underwater, but he is a skilled third baseman nonetheless


no. 45 - Ito

Ito found his own way to the mound all the way from Japan! Being the only frog in the team who can glide, he is the first outfielder on the roster. Learn more about him in the upcoming comic series.

45 ito 1.jpg

no. 7 - Arrieta

After escaping an illegal zoo where he was asked to perform stunts involving him being spat out of snakes' mouths daily, due to him being distasteful to snakes, Arrieta has joined the Froggers and has become a very effective pitcher and a prolific slugger.