Lost by design

This is a short story about our generation (I think)

You get good judgement from experience, and experience from bad judgement

Concept for a private commission

Concept for a private commission

A wall has the potential to be more than just a boundary. The wall can become an architectural element that brings together the several activities that happen in the garden. The wall incorporates four pots: one for the olive tree, one for the shower, one for flowers and one for shading. 

In collaboration with Michalis Anastasiou

Look out for updates.

170508_Wall 35 Concept.jpg

Perpetual output and dhurriewala unite

Perpetual output is in collaboration with dhurriewala to produce a bespoke, limited edition dhurrie. The design is inspired by the 8-bit era of Video Games. dhurriewala will execute the design.

For more information on the process of making, visit dhurriewala

JayJay. Perpetual output's new member of staff!

Perpetual output has been looking for a talented baseball playing frog to be in charge of realism control in short innings. After heavy interest from the rainforests of the world, JayJay's CV has impressed us the most.

We thank all applicant frogs, but due to too much interest we are afraid we cannot reply to each of you individually.


Planet Sloth

Part of a team in a Slow Game Jam, perpetual output took charge of the art direction.

Relax. Plant a seed today and, over the next few weeks, come back in to watch your forest-world grow; comb the planet for its sloth-habitants, plant more seeds, chill out to the music, be inspired by motivational dialogue or just watch as the sun rises and sets on the multi-coloured planet of Sloth.

download here